Rebeccas Needleworks and Crafts - Took my money-I got no product or apology

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I ordered a cross-stitch piece from on November 30, 2010. It cost $53.23. I called at the beginning of 2011 - January maybe, and she told me the company had been sold and she was having difficulty getting the piece. I called again several months later, and was told the same thing and was assured it should't be too much longer. I called again this summer, and asked if she would please refund my money so I could purchase it elsewhere.

As of October 2011, no refund has been made. I emailed her on September 6, expressed my extreme

disappointment, and that I would like either my money or the piece.She has not bothered to contact me to resolve this matter. I reported this poor business practice to the Better Business Bureau. They attempted to contact her twice, no response to them either, so they closed my case. Since she would not refund my money, my hope is to warn others - buyer beware!

Review about: Order Delivery.

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